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    Air Purifying House Plants

    They are the best natural form of Purifying Air in your home, then why use artificial purifier. Fill your house with these natural oxygen providers who only require your care. Make sure you water them but never over water them as they can survive under water situations. These plants require moist temperature, so make sure they are moist and well kept. They require lot of indirect sunlight, keep them near the window or under bright light area. keep plucking dry leaves and regular check on the plants condition and moisture levels.

    Gifts Plants

    Gifting plants is like a gift for life. Make sure you put the plant in a proper container or a pot before packing. Pack the plant in a cardboard box with holes for the plants to breathe. Keep enough space between the plant and the box. Pack it upright and straight.

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    Indoor Plants

    Our Indoor Plants provide colorful decoration and create a welcoming environment in house. By taking special care of the plant we can make sure they stay alive. They need special attention and care, always make sure that the soil is neither too dry nor too wet. Always water plants according to their needs, like a succulent family requires a period of dryness between watering. Room temperature water is best for indoor plants. Always make sure that the you keep you plant where there is adequate sunlight and natural light in case you don’t get sunlight in that room or area.

    Outdoor Plants

    They say greenery has a soothing and calming effect on the eyes and mind. These Stress Buster Plants have the same effect on us and our surrounding and at a cost that you care them regularly. You require a 20 centimeter pot, which should be sufficient.

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    Home Decor Plants

    A home is a home only if it's decorated and what a way to decorate your house with natural home decor plants. These plants need special care as they are delicate. The water content should be adequate, don't over water them. Use good quality fertilisers as and when required in minimal quantity. Keep then in daylight area of the house. Always check for insects or other pest and keep plucking dry or infected leaves. Regular care keeps the plants alive and healthy.

    Flower Plant

    The flower plants are not only visual treat for the eyes but gives a soothing and calming effect in and around the house. Always make sure you use best pots. The choice of soil is a must and it should be appropriate.

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